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The Crimson Vault

  • Author: Will Wight
  • ISBN:
  • Format: ebook
  • Start: 2023-06-30
  • Finish: 2023-07-03

The Crimson Vault continues the trilogy from House of Blades. There’s an immediately noticeable improvement in the writing from the first book, which pulled me into the world. The story continues directly from the events of the first book and sets up a much larger struggle than the characters initially realized they were involved in. It’s ambiguous who’s in the right in this conflict, which I enjoyed. The characters improve a ton from the first book, which made it much easier to root for them. I found the pacing of the book odd, because there were spots in the middle of the story that felt like they could be the end of the book. I almost think it would’ve been better if most of the content of the first book was condensed into this one and the cutoffs for the three books were in different places.